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Dehler yachts

Designed for those who know about heritage & craftsmanship

When Carl and Heinz Dehler first decided to construct boats in the middle of Germany’s industrial melting pot Ruhrgebiet 50 years ago, they would never have depicted the impact of their endless emphasis in creating first class boats onto the world of yachting. Steel mills and heavy industry dominated the area and its labour back then. Not an easy venture to make big labour hands treat a fragile component such as GRP into the shape earlier imagined.

Maybe it is just the workforce being used to hard work, being able to imagine a perfect creation paired with a heart breaking identification with the product that made Dehler so successful throughout the times. One does not know! A truth on its own though is the product itself. Dehler boats have made owners around the world a happy and proud family that all share a common idea: Being on water with a boat that breathes the spirit of 50 years of German engineering abilities and testing history on the toughest race courses available. Dehler, identify with quality!

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